Is your advertising Customer Experience focused?

At CX Analytica, we drive business value through advertising by creating Memorable Customer Interactions.

We create Brand Content and Advertising that resonates with your Audiences.

Advertising is all about Perception. Creating quality Content through effective visualization, and the right THOUGHT goes a long way to tell the right story.

At the end of the day, you achieve YOUR Business Objectives

Whether your company wants new customers or create a bang in the market, CXA has got you covered!

Our capabilities

Building Brands through StoryTelling


A brand is so much more than a logo or a color. It’s how people feel and perceive your business, its products, and services. We aim to create brands that leave impressions that last for a lifetime.

Digital Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing your brand or business we always make sure to look before we take off. We are working together with you to design and execute innovative, data-driven cross-channel strategies that win real results.

Web Development

Your web presence is one of the most important tools for communicating your brand and being able to acquire new clients. It must be able to engage visitors and make them take actions that convert into revenue.

Social Media Campaigns

In today's world, if something is not on social, it does not exist. We put your company on the map, with creative visuals, the right message, and objective based campaigns that always work to drive business and engagement.

Google Advertising

From Search Campaigns to Video, nothing beats the power of a strong presence on Google. We have got you covered everywhere!

Event Executions

A well organized event can create more memorable interactions than any form of advertising, and CXA can mold the perfect activation for your brand.

E-Commerce Marketing

Running a successful E-Commerce platform in today's competitive digital era is challenging. CXA specializes in helping you reach your audience and convert traffic into sales.

Community Management

Customer Experience is the next competitive battleground for companies. CXA's expert community managers ensure your customers get the best interactions with your brand.
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Driven by Passion, Feueled by Creativity!
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As a 360° Advertising Agency, CXA offers everything your brand needs to create the perfect Advertising both online, and offline.
We are creatives, designers, developers and marketers driven by a common purpose to drive value for brands through effective Story Telling and Customer Experience Optimization.
Advertising can not be done with a one-size-fits-all approach. Each brand has different audiences, and reaching that audience requires the right strategy, the right targeting and the right platform.
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We help brands sell more, and better!

CXA has successfully assisted brands in advertising and selling their products across the globe. Since 2019, we have been delivered exceptional business results for organizations of every industry.
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Client Success

CX Analytica has a highly experienced team that helped us transform our business online. Their aesthetic sense and delivery are exceptional, and we highly recommend their services.
CXA Team is a blend of creative and agile members
The AngryCreative solution is a multilingual mobile application that lets the company’s representative leap over language barriers in a matter of seconds, ensuring clear and productive conversations.
Industry Specific Results

Every Industry has a different Story

Food & Consumer Products

When it comes to fast moving products, CXA specializes in creating campaigns that create retention, and drive action.


High stakes, high reward! We have the perfect strategies to make your retail store stand out from the crowd.


Telling your story is the prime directive for Consultancy Businessess, and we do just that to drive business value for you.

Travel & Tours

Everyone LOVES to travel! We get your message across to travellers and adventure seekers across all channels.

Automotive & Transportation

When someone needs you, you need to be there! CXA ensures that your business is the first to appear when your customers start looking.

Power & Engineering

Compete with your international competitors by showcasing vision, thought leadership and expetise. CXA creates exceptional branding messaging and campaigns for your business.
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We take great pride in the results we deliver. Let us do the same for you!

that delivered exceptional results.
The more we spend,the better we get!
We serve customers from every industry.
We work across borders, with clients from across the globe.
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