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With utmost Creativity and Design Superiority, we drive business results for your brand. Period.
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Driving Results for your Brand.

We believe that in order to delight customers and excel at advertising, companies require the right message, at the right time, at the right place. That requires some science, and a little bit of magic. And at CX Analytica, we do both.

We take great pride in our creativity and our ability to always deliver exceptional results in advertising. Due to our “Think of the Customer” approach, we excel at creating marketing material and campaigns that resonate with your audiences and drive action for your business.
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Who we are
Our Method to Madness.
CX Analytica was founded in 2019, by a group of advertising enthusiasts and tech savvy experts, who came together to solve a problem; Why are brands unable to reach their TRUE potential online?
The members of CXA found that while many brands have in-house members of their organizations who “look-after” their marketing, more often then not, it is difficult for brands to hire a complete 360° team that specializes in all the matters of advertising. This is where CXA created its first differentiator.
Due to the diverse backgrounds of CX Analytica’s Team, we built our second, and biggest, differentiator by creating exceptional brand content, in Video, Visual and Written forms, that is memorable and can drive action. We do this by asking one question “What does the target audience want to see?”
Due to the nature of certain things online being “easy”, most brands attempt a DIY approach to Social Campaigns, and that seldom works out. We at CX Analytica have 10 YEARS of combined experience in the field of Social Advertising. We live and breath digital, and we help brands drive real results through our expertise and experience.
Sohaib Ikram, CEO
Alishan Sohail, CSO
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A multi—disciplinary brilliant team of creators

Our specialized team helps you and your brand stand out in the digital and conventional advertising space, and drive ACTUAL business results!

While customers are being bombarded by advertising on every channel, every minute of every day, from every brand imaginable, we help your brand create messages that are not only actionable, but also memorable! And it all begins with the right creative approach!